"From the first time I met Kinja his presence of mind struck me; what I mean is that when he spoke he weighed his words to fit the audience, to have meaning for the participants and this is rare. Having seen this it is clear that he not only understands the parameters of effective communication but he applies them and stretches them with genuine care to positively impact anyone he is around, anyone he is present with. Thus, his teaching in marketing or other training are clearly marked by his caring and insightful approach, bringing something special and needed to each individual and each team he interacts with. What inspires me most is Kinja's honest care and concern for humanity, starting with the children and his work on making this world a better place; one person at a time. I am excited to see what he does next and where we will collaborate once more."

Dr. Natalie Forest (CEO & Founder - Natalie Forest, International)

"The biggest lesson overall that I take from Kinja is his example of how to pay it forward!"

Professor Victoria Drogin (International Top Model and Runway coach)

"Kinja has created a sales system which is incredibly sophisticated. It is a relationship driven model built on years of experience with high level selling but he makes it highly relatable, so people learn that we are selling all of the time and they learn how to break that process down so that they can maximize each step."

Professor Victoria Drogin (Organizational Leadership Coach and Professor)

"Kinja's program is set up to give you everything that you need only when you are ready to make success a lifestyle instead of a special event."

Brian J. Smalls, ESQ (Attorney for Law Offices of Brian Smalls)

"One of the biggest lessons I learned from the program is...very often the situation may not have changed, but your perspective of the situation changes, the way you see it, and the power to change your perspective is a lot easier than changing the situation itself."

Efrem Graham. (Award winning news anchor and correspondent for the CBN Network)

"Kinja's program taught me how to stay focused, and just keep going at it. Set up a plan and if you have a vision, no matter what it is, go with it, go with it, go with it!"

Peter Oroszlany (Principal of Mott Hall IV)

"I was impressed by his ability to connect with people at the human level, as well as be a dynamic and engaging speaker. His passion and energy are inspiring."

Mike (Vanguard)